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United Business Services

United Business Services

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United Business Services 

The right people is key to any successful operation.  Our goal is to put the professional and dependable people in place to adequately manager your project.


We don't have a problem over delivering so can get back to the work that is most important to you.


541611- Administrative Management Services

561210 - Facilities Support Services

611710 - Educational Consultant

611430 - Professional Management Development Training

It is easy to relate to another person's needs when you, yourself, have experienced the same situation.  The Team UBS has an entire portfolio of Facilities Support Service experiences to draw from when helping the client meet his/her needs.  


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Great teachers are the results of countless hours of classroom delivery experience, continual professional growth, and dedications to their students.


The leadership team of UBS has over 18 years of educational experience that is second to none.  Read more by clicking below.

Ones needs to have mastered the craft of teaching to be able to manage and coach other trainers.  Team UBS is unquily situated to be able to manage your inhouse trainers, curriculum development and assessment.


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Providing Leadership in the Government Market Place

Providing Leadership in the Government Market Place