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Facilities Support Services

Construction Background

Joseph Ham, Director of Operations, begin his career as a high school AgriScience Teacher.  During his teaching tenure, Joseph taught classes on Agricultural Structures, Welding, Surveying, Plumbing, Electric, Carpentary, and Masonary.  Additionally, while jointing running a landscape business, Jennifer and Joseph oversaw numerous projects that involved drainage solutions, irrigation installation and maintenance, retaining wall construction, directional boring, concrete driveways, decorative stamped concrete patios, excavation of top and sub-soils, foundation prep, finish grading, hardscape design and installation, outdoor lighting, and fence construction.


Contracting Experience

In 2010, Jennifer and Joseph were the general constractors on a commercial property development in Arkoma, Oklahoma.  During this project, the two of them were involved in all phase of the commercial development.  They cordinated with bank officials for routine finance advancements needing to keep the project on schedule and under budget.  They negotiated, schedule, and managed additional equipment needs with local equipment rental contractors.  The two of them directly oversaw dirt work activities, structural erections, cladding, and interior framing.  They also identified, negotiated, supervised and managed subcontracts for the concrete, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, drywall, and painting.


In 2012, the two of them experienced a house fire that nearly destroyed their home in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  While living in a hotel and Jennifer expecting their third child, the two of them set out to rebuild their home.  

Not only were the general contractor on the reconstruction, but they also served as the direct manager of many of the phases.  One third of the house had to be "gutted" to the studs and slab, several exterior walls had to be reframed, and new trusses set before new decking, roofing, flooring, drywall, doors, trim, windows, cabinets, and appropriate hardware could be installed.  In talking with ServePro, the company that handled the restoration of the contents of the home, they could not believe the record time that Jennifer and Joseph were able to reconstruct the dwelling.  ServePro and the insurance company had expected the proctect to five to six months.  The project was completed in within two months and, again, underbudget.


Property Management

Today, Jennifer oversees the management of 4 commercial and residnetil rental properties.  Each month she is responsible for marketing the properties as they come available, negotiating with potential tennets, generating lease agreements, collecting month lease payments, scheduling and overseeing approciate maintenance demands.  


Jennifer is able to effectively perform this role by staying in close communication with the tennets and relying on a wealth of relationship she has fostered with numerous contractors in the area.  Three of the properties still have the original tennets Jennifer leased to shortly after aquired each property.  The tennets know that Jennifer has their best interest at heart and that she will follow through on her word.  Additionally, she is on a first name bases with her contractors.  This is due to the fact that she vets them strictly before selecting the best fit for her needs, respecting the contracts as professionals, paying them on time as agreed upon and staying loyal to them in the future.  This has become a winning venture for her.