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Educational Consultant


Curriculum Development

Great instruction starts with great curriculum.  Jennifer Ham spent 9 years as a classroom teacher for elementary students and 12 years as a preschool teacher and supervisor.  During this time she developed curriculum and activities for students in a variety of content areas, abilities, and learning styles, including English Language Learners.  She received hundreds of hours of professional development while being a Model Classroom Teacher under a No Child Left Behind grant.  This included using research based texts and materials to develop age and skill appropriate curriculum for her classroom.  She was also observed by multiple teachers, administrators, and grant coordinators on a regular basis to ensure developed curriculum met the standards of the grant.


During his teaching tenure, Joseph developed curriculum for over 17 different vocational classes for junior high and high school students.  His experience included collecting age and content appropriate material for each subject matter.  Then Joseph would refine the material into a delivery method that would maximize student learning.  He would employ multiple delivery methods that included, but not limited to, classroom lecture, classroom discussion, Power Point Presentations, lab activites, working models, story telling, question and answer sessions, and project based activities.  


Joseph has over sixty (60) lessons published and served on multiple state educational committees oveseeing statewide adoption of subject matter frameworks.



Learning & Delivery Styles

Team UBS realizes that not all individuals learn the same way and at the same rate.  With that in mind, the team strives to use a combination of strategies maximize teaching and learning efforts.  Due to their vast experience in front of different types of venues, Jennifer and Joseph are able to assess participants' responses and "shift on the fly" when a different learning method is required by the student(s).  They are able to pull from many different experiences and provide content specific examples to assure mastery of the subject by the learner.


Classroom Management

Classroom management is not just about classroom obedience.  Effective classroom management comes when the teacher/instructor has a mastery of his/her craft.  The instructor needs to be able to assess the needs, learning styles, and personalities of each student as quickly as possible.  By doing this, the instructor can better relate to the student,"push the student's buttons" to get them to engage into the class, resulting in greater learning.


Jennifer and Joseph have both taught groups as small as 3-4 people to groups  ranging up to over 1000 people at one time.  It takes a well craft, expert to handle such a range of particapants.



Student Development

Team UBS realizes that it is not how much one knows, but how much one cares.  Jennifer and Joseph experience as professional educators taught them that it is about the student and his/her personal growth.  The instructor's goal is to see that the student succeeds in the classroom so that he/she can be successful in the workplace.  Team UBS puts  the student first and uses every possible resource to see that the student masters the material.  This is done through an encouraging, positive and challenging learing atmosphere.



Assessments are all too often under utilitized.  Most instructors see an assessment as a instrument to see how well the student learned the material.  In fact, a properly executed assessment can do much more.  It is a means for giving feed back to the instructor overtime on the best means of content delivery through a careful analysis of the results.  Additonally, a great assessment can become a teaching tool, by futher teaching the student, yet not making the assessment a waterdowned benchmark.


Lab Activities

Team UBS has learned the value of well prepared lab activities for the students.  The team can develop labs that range from brief 5-10 minutes to project oriented, multiple week assignments.  At the same time, the team can closely monitor and engage the student to maximize learning.



*Arkansas Pathwiase Mentor/Novice Teacher Cert.

*Praxis Series Assessor

*Praxis Series Assessment Board

*National Young Member (Teacher) of the Year

*Model Classroom Teahcer for No child Left Behind

*English as a Second Language Specialist

*Arkansas State Frameworks Committees

*Professional Development Facilitator

*U of A - Fayetteville Outstanding Senior

*Studied Aboard in Scotland for 1 semester